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Advertise photography and modeling services using Flickr portfolio

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Are you freelance photographer or models or makeup artist ?

If you have a Flickr portfolio, you can easily share and advertise your photography or modeling services at shweTown.


Step 1) Click the button

Step 2) Click the category that you want to post .

If you are model, click Models category.

If you are freelance photographer or providing photography and video service, then click Photographers/ Video category.

If you are MakeUp Artist (MUA), click MakeUp Artist.


Step 3) Fill up the form and enter your Flickr username in the Flickr UserName box.


Step 4) Click "Preview Ad" button and you will see your Flickr gallery as shown below.

All your available flickr sets will appear in the drop down list and visitors can select and view them easily.

If you want to modify the form, just click "Modify Ad" button.


Step 5) Click "Post Ad" button to post your advertisement and check your email to verify and publish your advertisement.

Your advertisement is live on shwetown now !